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Affiliate Guard

Affiliate Fraud Detection
The Guard to Protect your I-Gaming Affiliate Business by Gaming Performance

Prices & Packages

Protect your I-Gaming Business against fraud! Your security solution for 24/7 safe affiliate business .

€ 500


Expert Guard

  • 2.500 Lottery Conversions
  • 250 Sport, Casino Conversions
  • Monthly Fees
  • No long term contract




Enterprise Guard

  • 7.000 Lottery Conversions
  • 650 Sport, Casino Conversions
  • Monthly Fees
  • No long term contract

Updates History

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December 05, 2014

new: A complete overhaul of the previous design with more widgets and details when you log into the application

new: Introducing custom Filter Sets for Online Browser Games, Casino, Ecommerce, Generic Lead Generation to help for faster custom configuration

new: See conversion / rejections by country making it easy to spot problem zones. Filtration options are available.


November 10, 2014

new: Reports load much faster across the whole application. You can also filter by Partner, Affiliate, IP, Browser and all of this combination. All data can be easily be exported as a CSV file

new: Summary of all filters by Partner or Affiliate. It also gives you an overview of how what has been reported and why. (Duplicate User, Fingerprint, IP-Patterns, Proxy etc)

new: Expect to see more features coming this including support for HasOffers, Cake Marketing as well Fraud Detection for Mobile Apps.